Sea Transport

حمل و نقل دریایی

Sea transport is an integral part of trade, so that providing efficient services in maritime transport is one of the necessary and effective parameters for successful international trade. Efficient transportation will certainly increase international trade. The issue of sea transport has gained prominence due to its impact on the cost of goods in countries, and its attention has played a vital role in the current arena of free trade and a highly competitive environment among industry and raw material owners.

Today, the issue of maritime transport and the movement of goods by sea is a special link in the market economy chain, and due to its advantages such as low cost of transporting goods, payment in exchange for valid documents and speed of action in transporting large volumes of goods, It is the most convenient method of transportation, as the share of maritime transport in the movement of goods in international trade is about 90% of the total trade.

Trusport International Transportation has developed strong trade relations with most of the major carriers of the international and regional oceans. We are experts in the domestic market of Iran and thanks to the extensive international network, we can be global in providing the best solution, advice and competitive and desirable price for all destinations.