Road Transport

حمل و نقل زمینی

One of the most common types of transportation in the world is land transportation. It can be said that since 1896, the German company Daimler has built the world's first truck.

The first steps were taken to start a new season in the land transportation industry. Today, land transportation, with its increasing use from small to transit routes, is the main type of freight transportation around the world.

Our country, Iran, has long played a significant and active role in international trade and transportation, and this brilliant record can be seen on the Silk Road, which has been the meeting place of many businessmen in the world.

One of the benefits of road transport is the provision of a Door To Door service, which means that the goods and cargo are transported door-to-door or from warehouse to warehouse.

However, this method does not require unloading by port cranes and does not threaten the risks of storms and rains in maritime transport. Land transportation is a convenient and secure solution for most shipments.