Air Transport

حمل و نقل هوایی

Air transport is a way in which goods are transported more quickly and safely.

In this method, the goods are done in the form of cargo and freight, which cargo is related to the transportation of commercial goods, and freight is related to the transportation of goods related to passengers. Special aircraft such as the Beluga or Antonov 225 are used to transport goods, which transport goods from one country to another.

Freight cargo is actually the cargo of passengers who intend to travel for a long time and have to carry the equipment they need and are not commercial in nature. But the trade goods that may be made between different countries are called cargo and are transported by private aircraft.

Trusport International Transportation Company, which is the basis of more speed and accuracy, uses the cooperation agreements with foreign airlines, has the ability to move different cargoes to Iran and other countries and vice versa.

Our company also have a very strong representation in Tehran airports, it has the ability to provide you urgent warehouse receipt, even for special cargo at the foot of the flight immediately.