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Brief Description about Trusport International Logistics


Transportation technologies are evolving every day, and active companies in this field are always looking to further develop in their activities. Hence, Trusport International Logistics considers the improvement of services based on customer-orientation and knowledge growth in the field of international laws and regulations as well as the provision of goods transportation services at the highest level as its mission. Based on these goals and to fulfil the commitments at the best level, this company has tried to bring together a group of highly motivated experts active in this field to provide our dear clients worthy services.

Areas of Activity:

Trusport International Logistics and Freight Services Company, as one of the leading companies in the field of international transportation of goods and freight services in Iran has active branches in all ports and airport cities of the country.

The company is a pioneer in providing new freight forwarding services based on modern world standards and relying on the knowledge of a group of experts, and professional in the transportation industry, the company tries persistently to achieve its lofty goals, the most important of which is customer satisfaction.

The main approach of this collection is to provide services with excellent quality and according to the latest standards of the transportation industry in the world, using the latest achievements of this industry in the most economical and safest possible way.

The company is aware of the importance of information in the age of communication and information explosion and aims to gather, review, and update its information using new technologies.


About Us


Our Main Activities are:

  • Container Shipping (FCL & LCL) from all sources to domestic ports and vice versa
  • Sea Transport by various containers with different shapes and sizes
  • Sea Transport in Break Bulk
  • Sea Transport by Charter Vessel
  • Carrying air cargo from all bases to Iran and vice versa in retail
  • Carrying air cargo from all bases to Iran and vice versa by Charter Plane
  • Land transportation from all European bases and other points by truck in retails or whole
  • Land transport of goods with non-standard dimensions from all sources by special trucks
  • Rail transport from European bases and other points to domestic and foreign customs
  • Carrying heavy and super-heavy cargos from all internal and external bases
  • Internal and external transit
  • Multilateral shipping (using several shipping methods to ship cargo)
  • Serving dangerous goods by various shipping methods under the relevant conventions and laws
  • Carrying project goods
  • International shipping consulting and all related services, product clearance, insurance, and product packaging
  • Activity in the field of trade and purchase of goods
  • Carrying out currency concessions

The final word:

Our company has very good relations with representatives of shipping lines, airlines, major global forwarding companies in Iran and other local authorities, including port, airport, customs and other officials in the country, relationships that help to provide appropriate services.